Beautiful trees on Rt. 6 SE of Salt Lake City

Our first aspens along Rt 6

Getting close to Helper, UT

Double rainbow over our campsite

The other end of the rainbow (the pot of gold must be...

See the beautiful, bright colors

we're entering nine-mile canyon

Deep in the canyon

Unusal rock formations in the canyon

a very old abandoned home

Anyone want to go rock climbing?

The Girls taking Peggy for a walk in the canyon

The Girls are enjoying their day

Lunch time

See the hieroglyphs on the ledge

very rugged but beautiful country

Hi everyone

more hieroglyphs on the rocks behind me

Old cattle roundup corral

The aspens are in full color

We really wish pictures could show how beautiful this is

The gold color is soooooo bright!!

More aspens

The Girls taking Terry for a walk

Momma and babies

Hundreds of oil wells here in Utah

Sunday-9/23- Blue Cut RV, Helper, UT

We stayed for 4 nights and drove 170 miles on a beautiful scenic drive Monday through Nine-Mile Canyon. The canyon drive was full of turns with cliffs hundreds of feet tall. Half way through the canyon was an area with hieroglyphs from thousands of years ago low on the cliff ledges. Surprising to us, there was no electricity, cell service or telephones and yet the canyon had many small cattle ranches. The Nine-Mile canyon was in the middle of a 110 mile drive. The first 50 miles had the cattle ranches, and then we drove through the Nine-Mile canyon. As we left the canyon, we drove through 40 miles full of oil wells...and no, gas is not cheaper here. On the drive back, we drove a different road to an elevation of 9200 feet and saw the aspens in full, gold fall colors--what a sight to see!

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