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Here we are @ Munglinup



Today finds us at downtown Munglinup Free Camp (Camps 6 WA No62) across the road from the “Roadhouse”.

Is just so exciting being self-sufficient, the gas hot water will get a run, the fridge is running happily on gas and the LED lighting in this van uses less than an Ex Servicemen’s Pension. Not sure about TV reception but obviously we have phone and internet. At long last I installed a 12v outlet for my CPAP machine so I’ll get a good night’s rest. Only cause for concern is that the predicted warmer weather may not get to us till mid-morning tomorrow so we will not be sleeping au naturel tonight. A nice hot shower before bed may be needed…. I could fire the gerberator up but I’m sure none of the other campers would be too happy about that. I’ll keep the gerberator under wraps till we find an idyllic spot and use it to deter others from sharing it with us…

Quite a few wildflowers here hiding in the bushes and the food at the roadhouse is reasonable so we may dine there tonight.

Onward to Esperance tomorrow……

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