They called this area a "very bad pass"...we can see why. :-)

What a climb!!

The smoke was heavy, but we could still see the shadows..



Beautiful colors of fall...

Lolo Creek..

Another view..



Almost there...




The Gift Shop

The Lodge..

The pool is fed by the hot springs...

The RV Park..


Sites right on the water..


Jerry checking out the sites...

Another view..

Not bad for $20 a day...

Another view..

Last one!

The last time we visited this area, we passed right by Lolo Hot Springs. We both agreed if we ever got close again, we would take the time to visit. We are camping only about 25 miles from it, so today was the chosen day. :-)

The only problem was a ton of smoke in the air. They are having a lot of problems in the area with wildfires. It did keep us from seeing some of the massive mountain views in the distance, but we still enjoyed the incredible drive very much.

When Lewis and Clark arrived in this area in 1805, they expected to see a plain descending toward the Pacific Ocean, instead, they saw these massive mountains they had to cross. They called them a very bad passing. :-) See first photo for more info.

Lolo Hot Springs was well known to the Indians long before the arrival of Lewis and Clark in the fall of 1805. It was a mineral lick for wild game, and an ancient meeting place and bathing spot for the Indians.

The hot mineralized springs became a landmark and rendezvous point for early explorers, trappers, and prospectors as well. By 1885, the Hot Springs had become a favorite vacationing spot for both families and sportsmen. An advertisement in the Missoulian newspaper dated August 16, 1888, states: These springs are known throughout the Northwest for their health giving a beautiful country, plenty game and fishing.

Back in the day; board, room and bath was eleven dollars per week. Fare by coach to and from the springs was five dollars.

Today, Lolo Hot Springs captures the mineral hot springs in a convenient pool for easy access and enjoyment.

We also checked out the awesome RV Park. The sites are set right on the water, you drive right up to Lolo Creek and park with awesome views. The price was only $20. If you are in the area, don't miss this one. Check back later for more from Montana.

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