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The second book in The Captains Log series written by Melanie Wood. The book recounts Mel and Captain John Wood who cruise to the Bahamas in 2006 aboard their 38' Bayliner MY, Diamond Lil. They like it so much they do it a second time the following winter of 2006/2007 after a return trip to Canada. That is a lot of boat miles friends ... and they are still on that boat somewhere to my best knowledge. (Roatan I think where Mel wrote this second book). You will learn a lot by reading this book. Primarily you will learn about being resourceful but for anyone contemplating long term cruising, the book will give you an unvarnished version which no guidebook can deliver.

Their first trip goes as far as the Eleuthera Islands and the second winter as far south as the Exumas Islands. If you have ever cruised the Bahamas in a small boat you will recognize the many anchorages and towns along the way that is sure to bring back fond memories. If you are contemplating your first cruise to the Bahamas, this is a must read because the book deals with the daily routines of cruising ... both good and bad. It has a very personal flavor that is entertaining, uplifting and sometimes you will share their frustrations when things don’t go as planned. I read it all the way through in a day and only put it down once to eat lunch. If you love boats and traveling by boat my guess is you’ll read it cover to cover in a day as well.

Melanie and John Wood are from Keswick ... Lake Simcoe boaters. Diamond Lil the Bayliner 38 is registered Midland Ontario. They sold everything and live aboard full time. Many of us dream of doing that, but few take the plunge long term. The part that got me was when they were leaving the Bahamas after the first season, and wondering if they would ever return by boat. Not really wanting to leave and not wanting the journey to end for fear that there would never be the opportunity to repeat the experience again. Been there, done that. For most there isn't a second chance - you get back to work and life's responsibilities take over. Canada is a long way by small boat from the Bahamans. To repeat the experience a second time, back to back, takes courage and a leap of faith.

Long distance cruising is a funny thing. Some people plan to go out forever and return inside the year ... and some people go for a winter and stay forever. In any event it is a deeply rewarding experience and this book will make you feel like you were there during the journey.

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