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Baking bread

We hopped on the bus but the ride was short lived because one of the tires blew out right in front of some village woman’s house. While we waited for the driver to fix the tire, we wandered around admiring the scenery. After the tire was fixed, the bus driver pretended to drive past us, which we all found funny after the fact. I guess there can always be humor even when there’s a language barrier! We passed through several small villages, and saw how they made all the sweet bread we’ve been eating. For a while bread and cheese was about all we ate, I’ve lost a bit of weight and had to buy a belt at Aguas Calientes. We also stopped at a coca farm field. After passing through some more villages, we stopped at a village that I believe was called Pilcopata. There we grabbed some booze, smokes, snacks, and MACHETES! We then arrived at Atalaya to load all of our things on the boat, but some of our things stayed on the bus where they would be dropped off in Cusco since space and weight was limited. We didn’t get wet and saw a sea otter on the river as well as many birds. Some of the birds we saw were the Yellow-rumped cacique, Ospreys, a Bat falcon, Jaibiru, Muscovy ducks, Orinoco geese, Green ibis, Giant cowbird, and many varieties of vultures, kingfishers, herons, and macaws

We arrived at Pantiacolla Lodge about 2 hours later, but it was beautiful there, and they had beer and wine. We went for a short walk along one of the trails and found animal tracks from what we think was an ocelot and a peccary. Bullet ants were everywhere, which was scary since if they were to sting you, you would be in excruciating pain! We had to pick two off of Jen! That night, we worked on our presentation on black caiman and a bat flew around inside our dining hall. We also saw a bird at night hanging off one of the cook’s towels. The stars are amazing here by the way!

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