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An early morning breakfast of cereal and Ruthie’s great coffee set us up for the day. Showering took a little longer than expected because I forgot to turn on the water heater. There are times for a cold shower but this wasn’t one of them. Maggie was in one of her obstinate moods and took us on the long route to the Wawona entrance to Yosemite National Park. As we entered the entrance to the park we flashed them our senior pass that we purchased several years ago and gained free admittance. The pass saved us $20 in admission fees. We chose the road to Mariposa Grove. It was a high and low grove of giant sequoia trees. We paid for our shuttle tour and were off after walking Sugar. (The nice lady told us our pass only qualified us for the senior rate on the shuttle – Oh well!)

Many of the trees we saw were 2,000 or more years old. Some were alive before Christ. That’s impressive. Our guide informed us that they are not known to die from old age. I want to be a Sequoia! It was sad to learn that the giant tree I always saw showing a car driving through an arch carved through the middle died and had fallen long before our visit. The grove was truly impressive. One cannot appreciate their immense size without seeing them in person. St. Augustine once said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a single page.” I am fortunate to have read this page. Huge trees resistant to disease and fire – even needing fire to reproduce. Bark growing around fire scared trunks from fires that have burned hundreds of years before. Magnificent trees over 200 feet tall rose before us on every turn.

We drove from Mariposa Grove to Yosemite Valley. Tunnel View was a long tunnel carved through solid rock and was part of our journey to El Capitan. We skipped the falls as we were told they were only a trickle of what they are in Spring and Summer. Also, they required a hike of at least .4 of a mile which was just too much for one of us.

El Capitan was impressive in the changing sun light with many professional photographers lining the best spots discussing f stops and shutter speeds as I moved between them with my point and shoot digital camera thinking to myself, “I bet my pictures are better than theirs.”

As we drove from site to site we circled previous sites several times. (Blessed are they who go in circles for they shall be known as wheels.) The drive between the different elevations became quite mundane until I noticed, at the highest spot, that our bag of Tator Skins had expanded to the point of exploding. From that point on whenever we came through an area we had seen before I checked the bag as it expanded and contracted. On our way back to the RV resort I became concerned as my bag of Tator Skins looked like I may have a bag of crumbs.

A truly amazing day with some fantastic pictures. Perhaps one will hang on our wall at home.

Pizza for an evening meal and early to be after Dancing With The Stars to prepare for a long drive tomorrow.

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