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We landed on Togo last night, and the current had pushed us so close to land that I thought we’d have to jump overboard. I’m wind battered and worn to my core. We wake up at before dawn each day, if we sleep at all, which is rare since what happened on the second day. When we set off the sea was calm and all ready for us amateurs to master. We fell asleep easily and the next day we woke up to be right on coarse. But the next night was nearly unbearable. The wind shook the wood of the boat and tore like teeth at the sails. The tipping it caused sent us off the bunks and across the room. Poor little May got so sea sick her face seemed to be greener than the stormy sea. One of our main square sails finally tore and when it did we had barely made it up to fix it. We had brought 4 extras of each sail. Several of my members were nearly blown off the dang thing fixing the new one into place. We used the tattered one as patches to the sleep room’s ceiling since the rain soon came trickling through. Since that we haven’t accoutered any storms as worse at this one, but we’ve learned our lesson and it’s resulted in 15 tattered, worn, starved in stress, and insomniac little girls including myself. But not had I once heard one person mutter the thought of going back. Because there are other moments, at the sunrise and fall. The beauty and peace of those moments are worth reliving that same storm several times over. The other day, my second in command, Savanna, made us laugh so hard. And then we docked here, in Lome, and a beautiful sunset was the first thing we saw. And all of it was worth it. We’ve met a few very nice people here at Togo. There are three little boys that just walked around, without a family or anywhere to go. Nothing to eat. We brought down about 100 pounds of oranges and 50 pounds of strawberries for the homeless. We must’ve seen hundreds of people just grabing for one piece of fruit. I’m not lying when I say that I sat down and literally cried along with most of my crew. Well, its about time we head to Cape Town, South Africa. Our next goal will take about a week. I'll blog then.

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