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Today my crew and I are setting out for Lome, Togo. This country rests between Benin and Ghana. I chose the city because it’s light on the water. I just want to get in and out like that and reboot. We counted all the cargo for the planned-month trip completely around Africa. We just took all our cargo into account and the amounts are tremendous. We have 320 jugs of water (40 for us), 320 loaves of bread (40 for us), 30 jars of peanut butter and jelly each (for just us), we have meat and more meat. We have probably around 560 pounds of meat (120 meant for us). Then, we also have over 500 pounds of casual baking material (flour, sugar, salt, ect.) to bring over. And the last thing is 250 pounds of strawberries and oranges each. Those are meant for the Sudan’s alone. Well, I got to go set sail, I’ll blog as soon as I possibly can.

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