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So this day we entered Yellowstone. Just as beautiful as I've always heard. The park is set up in a figure 8 loop and we entered via the east entrance from Cody, WY, traveled south and headed to the Old Faithful. There were so many places to stop along the way and see hot spring basins, thermal falls, cascading water falls, and of course we got to see Old Faithful.

The thermal basins are really amazing. We took lots of pictures but the colors are hard to capture. Some are crystal clear water that are so deep you can't see the bottom, while others are called Paint Pots and are an a sundry of colors.

The weather was more chilly in the mountains here so we had to break out our winter coats. But the sun has been shining and it's been wonderful weather so far (knocking on wood).

We planned for 2 nights camping in Yellowstone, but the first night we never found a camping spot open. They are first come, first serve here and since we aren't towing a car we wanted to do our sight seeing first. So finally at 9pm last night and some hair raising mountain driving we parked in a large parking lot and boon-docked. By 11pm the generator was off and everyone in bed. We are in the northern most part of Yellowstone too, Mammoth Springs, near Montana.

The really cool part about Yellowstone park to me is the wildlife. We have seen giant black crows, chipmunks that will just look at you as you walk by them, bison (tons) that walk down the middle of the road and look at you like your bothering them. Then last night we saw elk in town. Yep, just eating the grass in front of the grocery store and hotel near us. So this morning we were awoken for the day by a large male elk doing his 3 hour mating call. I open the window and he's laying in the grass 10 feet from the camper. So now as soon as I'm up, Pando is up and needing to go potty right? Well, needless to say he had to wait about an hour, until the elk decided to mosey off a few hundred feet.

My mom is still waiting to see bear. The warnings are all over the place regarding bear alerts and safety, but none so far for us.

This update is a bit late because I gave in and let the girls play mini planet last night with friends before bedtime. So talk to you soon!

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