Touring Hoorn

Getting Ready for Cruise Back

Tim Gets Instructions From Rene

Bon Undersail

Rudderman Tim

Rene,Anna,Kim,Bon,& Tim-Bike Outing Picnic

Anna Gets a Reprieve - We Ate All the Food!

YES! Tim Gets His Shot of a Windmill!(Thanks Bon!)

Crowding Into the Locks-Boats,Boats, & More Boats

Wow, Just Made It!

We will be here til Monday when we leave on the 8:30 am bus to London...believe it or not it was our cheapest option! Arriving about 18:00 London time.

The 23th we travelled out of town to 'Captain Frank's' and from the marina Bon,Kim,and Anne left with the boat to Hoorn(old port town 1600-even pre-Amsterdam), Rene and I bicycled the 20 km...great ride thru countryside, old farms, immaculate...Holstein cows, and sheep...toured Hoorn and then Kim & Anne rode bikes back while Rene,Frank,Bon, and I sailed. Great day! Went thru Edam(chez place) and a small village celebrating it's 650th anniversary!(actually designated a city then but existed long before,ha)

The 24th we cycled out of Amsterdam(5 of us) south thru 3 small villages on renown Dutch bikeways...picknicked, and making a circle, cycled back...beautiful weather, a bit cloudy but no rain and nice for biking, cool! In the eve Kim's parents visited...they live just down the Amstel from K & R, lovely people!

Kim and Rene accompanied us to bus station the am of 25th to see us off, we already miss them, they are the best of hospitality and friends...gave of themselves and their time, we hope they will visit us in the near future.

OUR FRIENDS NOW ARE IN BUSINESS! CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE FOR HOW THE BEST AMSTERDAM HAS TO They are the best and know everything you need to know about Holland and bicycling and all other forms of travel,overnite accomodations,sites to see, etc.etc.etc. Check them out!

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