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We saw many instances where people built their homes up against the...

Passed a farm that raises ducks for foie gras (duck liver pate)

Had a tour of this cave; on an electric train; no photos...

Ivan took photos of pictures in the gift shop area as examples...

Many mammoths; some idex, bison, and horses


Postcard of the room with the most drawings jumbled together

Mammoth tusks on display

Water traffic on the Dordogne River in La Rogue-Gegeac

Eating our picnic lunch

The small village smack up again the cliffs that loom above it

Saw steps leading to a building but didn't have time to investigate

We were headed for our canoe experience

Ivan is the brains (steers) while I provide the power

Looking back to see how many of our 16 canoes have launched

Looking ahead to see other canoe groups and a tour boat

We paddled about 6 miles with strong wind at times but calm...

The cliffs, Beynac and 3 chateaus were most of the scenery

Took us 2 hours; a couple of our canoes took longer


The take out spot was busy with lots of canoes besides ours

On for a glimpse of the chateau above Beynac


Lovely view of the countryside and the Dordogne River

After another hour of riding through lovely countryside with crops and forests we arrived at a very large cave for an underground tour to see prehistoric art. The privately owned cave, Grotte de Rouffignac, does not allow photos and only takes a limited number of people into the cave on electric trains each hour. There are over 5 miles of cave with several areas of either engravings or paintings or both. Our guide, a grandson in the family business, gave us an excellent tour. The 250+ pictures/engravings were mainly of mammoths, some ibexes, wooly rhinos, some bison and some horses – all remarkably realistic with a minimum of lines or strokes. There are several such caves in the area but this is one of the largest.

We traveled through 3 more “Most Beautiful Communities”: Les Eyzies, Beynac and La Rogue-Gageac, stopping briefly in the last two. After a lunch stop where Ivan and I shared an apple, nuts and chocolate while sitting in a small park on a bench watching water traffic on the Dordogne River, we went canoeing on the river!

The first ones to launch our canoe (more like a sit-upon kayak) we enjoyed the 2 hour paddle on the Dordogne despite some strong winds in places. The seats were not very comfortable and Ivan needed foot pegs in the right places for him but other than that we got our rhythm going and enjoyed it. Took photos along the way, mostly of 3 chateaus and bridges. Our 16 canoes got really strung out and a couple of them were arriving 30 min. after the rest of us – and not at all happy with the outing. (It was later decided more instruction on how to stroke to keep going straight was needed before launching.) The water was quite calm, the current not too strong but it was shallow in places and a few got hung up a bit.

On our way back to our hotel in Sarlat the bus drove us to the chateau overlooking the town of La Rogue-Gageac to see the view of the river and valley. Very pretty view. We ate another light picnic supper in our room, did some blog work, and we both took one ibuprofen before bed to fend off possible sore shoulders...

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