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Chinon is not very touristy but should be - it is charming

With some very interesting architectural style

Several half-timbered homes remain


Along with more recent plaster ornamentations

Just look at the Baroque touches on this mansion


Some inviting courtyards to be glimpsed

Joan of Arc is part of the town's history

A glimpse of the fortress atop the hill above the village

Fountain in the town square

Lovely old bridge in town

More pretty lace curtains to add to my collection


This restaurant struck us as a bit out of place

Hotel Diderot (our room is 2 top left windows)

Pretty entrance

Our breakfast room; where we'll have wine tasting, too

Stairway (our Room #1 was 2 flights up and no elevator!)

Lovely large room with beautiful antiques!

Armoir matched bed, dresser, and 2 bedside tables

Dessert at tonight's dinner was a sample of creme brulee, flan, and...

With some sprinkles on the bus windshield we headed into the thick of Paris rush hour traffic at 8:30. What a mess! So fortunate we are headed out of the city; we passed miles of crawling traffic trying to go in.

Our first stop was the village of Amboise [aah boiss] for lunch before traveling on to see the beautiful Chateau Chenonceau [Chen on sew] which we'd seen before. (We stayed on the bus and read.)

From there to Chinon [She no] and our quaint hotel for 2 nights. The bus could not negotiate the narrow street leading to Hotel Diderot so we carried our luggage a couple of blocks and then up 2 flights of stairs. We had a charming large room and bath; amazing antique armoir with matching dressers, double bed head and foot boards and 2 round night stands! Even had a table and chair plus 2 ladies chairs – unusual amenities in a 2-star hotel. (This building was built in the 1500s for monks; refurbished in 1950's for a hotel.)

After leaving our luggage in our rooms Patrick led us on a tour of this lovely old town with very narrow cobblestone streets (few sidewalks!). Lots of architectural styles dating from the 800s onward.

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