The Great Escape / Oct-2012 to Oct-2013 travel blog

Ready to go

We are almost out the door!



I think we did a pretty good job packing and we got everything we needed. We worked very hard getting the house ready for Laura because we had to clear out Billy's bedroom for her. And while we were at it we cleaned the rest of the house pretty thoroughly. Can't let Laura see how we really live!

It is a little hard to leave home knowing that we will not be back for a year. At the same time we are excited about the trip.

Tonight we wanted to spend the night in Maggie and Kevin's driveway, since there are no campsites open nearby at this time of year. Maggie is our daughter and they are newlyweds, and they recently bought a house. Getting into the driveway was interesting. If it weren't for a low-hanging wire we could have done it. So we ended up parking at her work, which is only about a mile away. We planned to spend the night indoors anyway. I think we will have a new rule: No Parking in Relatives Driveways!

As you can see from the pictures our 2 cats are pretty good travelers. They each have a spot in the truck and when we are moving they stay right in their spots. We let them out of their crate when we are on the highway, and when we drive around town they go back in. They are getting used to the routine and seem OK with it.

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