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Entering the West entrance to Yellowstone as we head south for the...

Part of the scenery in the east side of Yellowstone National Park.

Some of the devastation left as a result of the fires in...

Approaching the east entrance as we are leaving the park.

The scenery along the Shoshone River as we head into Cody.

Our first glimpse of Buffalo Bill Reservoir as we arrive at Buffalo...

The Irma Hotel and Restaurant, built by Buffalo Bill.

Our site at Buffalo Bill State Park.

Couldn't pass this picture up... an RV sitting idle in Cody.

Some of the mountain scenery in the Cody area.

A magpie bird... We'd never seen one before coming up to Idaho.

Look closely at the tree. Grew up around the boulder.

A view of Buffalo Bill Dam and the visitor center.

Another picture of the dam and the tunnel that leads to Cody.

A picture of the Shoshone River below the Buffalo Bill Dam.

Part of the Wind River Canyon and the Wind River.

Another shot of the Wind River as we drive through the canyon.

We left Henry's Lake on Thursday morning and drove through Yellowstone Park departing through the East entrance of the park. We had not driven through that part of the park and so it was a new experience for us. The drive was incredible. We drove down the mountains through a valley as we followed the river. We arrived at the Buffalo Bill State Park in the afternoon and set up. The park is beautiful and is comprised of two campgrounds, the one we stayed in was at the upper end of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir and the other is about 4 miles closer to the city of Cody.

Next day we drove into Cody for lunch and to see the visitor's center. We had lunch in the Irma Hotel, which was built by Buffalo Bill himself. It was one of four hotels that he built and operated. I'm sure many will shake their heads to hear this, but we did not visit the Buffalo Bill Museum... We just couldn't see how we could get $18 enjoyment out of a museum.... We were told in the visitor's center that is was comparable to the Smithsonian... we've been there, so didn't see a need to spend money for something that we've seen for free. On our way home, we stopped at the Buffalo Bill Dam. This was one of the first dams built in the US back in the early 1900's. It was, at the time, the tallest concrete dam in the world, at 325 feet. It was made entirely of concrete and granite from the surrounding mountain. Not one pound of steel. In 1985 an additional 25 feet were added to the top of the dam and some additions to the power plant were made. A visitor's center was added at that time as well.

Next day we took a drive around Cody to see the surrounding area. One of the interesting facts about Cody is that it is called the Bannana Belt of Wyoming. Apparenlty they have a very warm (for this part of the country) climate. One lady told us she rarely wears a heavy coat during the winter. It is beautiful country and with a climate like that... sounded inviting.

Next day we drove from Cody through the Wind River Canyon via Thermopolis. Thremopolis is home to the largest hot mineral springs in the world, per their sign. We didn't stop, so didn't see the springs, but the little bit of town we drove through seemed like a nice little town. We continued south through the Wind River Canyon. As we drove along the Wind River between Themopolis and Shoshone we were treated to a high walled canyon on both sides of the river. There was a train track on one side of the river and our highway was on the opposite side. It really was spectacular. After leaving the canyon we continued east and south through Casper, where we paid $4.39 for diesel fuel, the most ever for us.Onto Glendo as an over-night stop.

We are now in Longmont, Colorado in a county park. We'll visit Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park while in this area and we will also take a day to visit Cheyenne to see the capitol building. We'll write more after our time here in Longmont.

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