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Had to show off marissas new lil pup! Shes perfect im obsessed...

Boat tour with all my friends studying in Barca and Sevilla!

Me and Kelsey, my roommate, about to go on the craziest jet...




VIP for my friends birthday at CDLC! A true celeb hangout were...

Right before we got off the boat on the little island that...

Made it back from Ibiza in one piece, and can absolutely say I had the time of my life! My dad read about Ibiza in rolling stone so he knows what its famous for but ill do my best to describe it!

Basically all the really famous disco tech djs from europe play there once a week, like tiesto, calvin harris, paul van dyke, swedish house mafia, and many more! I know most of you wont recognize any of those names but for my generation, in the last five years, they have become crazy popular! To go to one of their shows in the US where they tour pretty often it can be about an 80 dollar ticket. Seeing them in Ibiza, which is basically their home, is like seeing them at the coolest venues in the world!

The first night we got there (post nap time haha) we went to the Calvin Harris concert! The show happens every Thursday and is called Cream Amnesia. It sounds weird to consider a dj being a concert, I know, but basically what they do is mix their own versions of well known songs into tech versions, sometimes completely make up their own songs, or mix recordings from other djs live. Ive been to a few before and it always ends up being really fun to dance to, and it especially was at the venue we went to in Ibiza! The lights were sooo cool! And every time before a big drop in the song there was this thing where they pushed a ton of wind through the crowd, and then smoke so thick you couldn't see your hand infront of ur face, all so fast, and then it would clear instantly! Sounds really weird but it was one of the coolest things Ive ever experienced. I cant believe how powerful it was through a crowd so big! We paid for our tickets to get in that night and i remember one of my best friends was saying he would have paid the ticket price for every time they did the wind and smoke! haha It was a ton of fun but I was so glad we went with a bunch of my guy friends from school because anywhere girls went on there own could get a little sketchy. We had a good ratio though and I felt like I had about 4 guys watching out for each of us girls at all times haha. I tried to post a video so you all could see the smoke and see what I mean about the music but it was too big to load. It was a once in a life time thing thats for sure!

Other than the crazy night clubs (the biggest club in the world is on the island haha I didn't go), the beach was absolutely beautiful! Thats where most of the pictures are from that I posted! We went out on a boat tour on Saturday from 2-10pm that included meals, drinks, jet skiing, tubing, body painting, a trip to another small island, and we got to watch the sunset on the way back! The jet skiing was totally crazy! They take you on rides, you dont drive them yourselves, and the people are experts at throwing you off and basically just making it the craziest thing ever! Most of the time I was standing up to use my legs to stay on because it was full speed into 360 degree turns! I was standing in line watching all these girls flying into the water and kinda wondering if I should get out of line haha! But I managed to stay on and it was sooo much fun!

They took us to a tiny island just south of Ibiza too, called Formentara! The beach we swam to was just a tiny peninsula of sand like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean! You could either jump off the top of the big boat and swim out or take a small boat. I obviously chose to jump and swim! It was soo beautiful and warm! We all swam out and it was just like one of those things where we all looked at each other and said I cant believe were here right now! Absolutely amazing! The water was vibrant blue just like I remember Cancun, just saltier.

After spending a few hours on the beach we swam back to the boat, had some more food, and watched the sun go down! I wish I had more pictures because it was so beautiful! I didnt take my phone or camera because I was afraid they would get wet or stolen so the ones I do have I stole from my friend haha.

Im back in Barcelona for just 3 days before I leave for the Amalfi Coast in the south of Italy on Thursday! Should be another amazing trip! Im all geared up for cliff jumping, cave diving, and chowing down on my first authentic Italian meal! Im flying into Rome too so I should be able to check things out there for a few hours which is better than nothing! So excited :) Were doing it through a tour group too so Im pretty excited about having transportation and planning all done for us. That can get a little stressful when traveling in bigger groups so it should be a nice break :) I have two field studies in my classes tomorrow (where we go to museums and cathedrals and stuff like that for class), so I might have some more to tell about before Amalfi!

Again I apologize for the grammer and spelling! I basically never have time to go over these and I am always typing at lighting speed so if any of you are grammer freaks I know it must be painful to read! haha I hope you are enjoying anyway! Ill try to get some more pics up soon and cut down that video from the show I went to!

Missing you all at home (and starting to miss the convenience of my car haha)! xoxo

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