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From Pamplona, I took the bus to LagroƱo and another north towards Vitoria. I got off in Laguardia. It's a medieval town of about 1500 people. The entire surrounding countryside is used for Rioja wine grapes. The entire town is centered around the wine industry. The town itself is tiny, and no cars are allowed on what they call roads (alleyways to me). It was so relaxing, that I spent two nights there.

Under the town is a network of caverns that were originally used to protect the town from Moorish invaders. Now, they're used to store and age wine. One of the largest wine makers is "La Fabulista," which offers daily tours and tasting. It was cool to see the differences in how they make wine here compared with winemakers in Napa. Here, they actually get into the grape vats to crush the grapes.

Next: Off to Bilbao.

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