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Decatur, ALA

10/9-12/06 Florence, Huntsville, ALA

Boy is John happy with all his Auburn friends around in these here parts. We are enjoying a beautiful trip up here, with many nice anchors along the way. We passed the Redstone Arsenal, visitied Florence, & staying here in Huntsville for 3 nites for sightseeing. Yesterday, we saw the Marshall Space Center, spending nearly all day there. We experienced the same G forces the astronauts do in a simulator, climbed into a Apollo craft, saw a neat demostration of the first Mars landing, and saw many neat geek engineering stuff that John loved. He even fasinated over the screws and nuts used to assemble things. He was amazed at how many everyday parts were used also. We also are visiting the local historic things, like old homes, civil war, indian areas in our rental car. The town marina is nice & so is the local fare. Tomorrow we head towards Chattanooga (2-3 days away) as we lock our way up. We have done 111 locks & 4,100 miles since leaving home. Sue is hard at starting our scrapbook. We are hoping to make a church in Chattanooga for this Sunday. We are by ourselves up here, as most boaters are down south now. We are getting pretty cold, but warmer weather is coming we are told. We may be having to battle cold for a few more weeks up here in the hills, but it is worth it. Sue has the boat decorated for Halloween.

10/13/06 MM 382 Tenn River

After finishing up our sightweeing in Huntsville, we headed up river thru a lock to Gunthersville Lake, which is the 2nd largest lake on the river. As we head up stream, we lose 15% speed as the currents get stronger as we near the next lock. We are amazed we have WiFi signal here in the boonies. No town around, but John wanted to load some pics on the PC & there was a signal. Someone around here in the woods must have something. We ate at the famous Blue Plate Cafe in Huntsville before leaving - John loved chowing down on greens, beans, okra...he forgoes meat. The locks here are taller than we've generally seen. One was the worlds tallest at one time at nearly 100'. Many shoals on the river now we must watch for, but so far, navigating has been fairly easy. We just have to be careful for anchors and steams that we go up. We are up the Rosemary creek about 4 miles, and the depths were 6', so with Miss L drawing 4', we step gingerly. One thing of note, is all the butterlfies we have been seeing - migration? If you know, please write us. Also popular around here are Turkey Buzzards - yes that is right, so no crude Auburn jokes allowed. More history is learned about the Natchez Trace trail for settlers & indians, several white settler places, Trail of Tears, & we visited a prison that housed both Rebs & Yanks. Saw one house that U.S. Grant used as his headquarters for a long time. Yesterday we saw only one boat all day, so we know we were getting to lonely territory, however today, we passed many boats, all going south for the winter. Many asked us on the radio if we were turned around. We think maybe so, as it is 38F tonite. N34.38.258 W86.00.808. We passed thru a canyon today with the cliffs a bright yellow and orange. The leaves are showing signs of changing, so we know that we are soon to see some more of God's beauty. We see fishing nets now, as the fisherman are out in full force.

OCt 14-16, 2006 Chattanooga

Staying right downtown has been neat. We did a walking tour of town yesterday, saw the worlds largest fresh water aquarium - which was truly worth a special trip to see even if you are a long ways from here (took 4 hours to see), saw Auburn beat FLA & Panthers win, saw Dale Jr almost win at a local TV place. Saw an IMAX movie too. If you have never been to Chattanooga, or it has been along time, make it here. Great resturants too. Just outside town are Lookout mountain, Ruby Falls... we could go on. Rain today, but it it passes, we head out tomorrow thru a lock or maybe two up river. A 50' boat roared passed us last night and rocked us so much that the bow of the boat dipped in the river. Scary these idiots. The locals are out looking for him, as the river only goes one place, so it will be hard for him to hide in such a big boat.

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