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Ancient Arcadia ship wreck remnemts

Meet interesting folks. At Arcadia museum, these were the only two graduates...

8/18 Ludenton, Arcadia, Muskeegon, MI

After 3 wonderful days in Charlivoix, where some fellow boaters celebrated John's Birthday, we tried to make time getting to Grand Haven to leave Miss L for nearly 2 weeks while we travel home. Charlevoix is a must see town for land lubbers or boaters. See pics. Travel to Arcadia, a small village on the east coast was fairly unevental. Travel on Lake Mich is either boring or very scary. We walked the entire town, seeing everything & got great receptions at the museum & other local places. The town dock was inviting too. Travel to Ludenton was rough, & we did not like the trip with high winds banging us around. We passed one boat that ran up on the rock breakwater. We were glad to be in port. Toured, yet another of the really nice Mich ports & the next day the winds were forcasted to be minor, so we headed out expecting to make Grand Haven to have 3 days of R&R, and sightseeing. Well, the waves were so high, we called the Coast Guard for guidance. Of course they are not allowed to make recommendations, but the NOAA weather folks kept saying 1-2' seas. We had 5', which in of itself is not too bad, but on the Great Lakes, the waves are so close together, it makes for a bumpy ride. A boat of similar size to us that we passed had to abandon ship as the waves came over them & swamped them. Coast Guard got them. Then we came across an abandoned jet ski, but no info was available on them, so we kept on going. We tried to duck into a cove called White Lake, but could not get in. So we battled another 2 hrs & made Muskeegon Town docks. This is a large harbor with big ships coming & going. We talked to a freighter that came in here while we were out in the lake, & he even said it was choppy. The folks here at the marina are fantastic, giving us rides to town, to the airport, saving our refridgerated items at their home while we shut down Miss L for 2 weeks. One of the kids who works here is hungry all the time. He showed us a $20 bill & asked, "you know what you can do with this?" & then he replied. "buy food!"

8/19 Charlotte, NC

Travel home was good even though the new security at airports was a little confusing. We shipped a box UPS so we would not have to explain wome of the items we had that were no longer needed on the boat. The box got home almost as fast as we did. Air travel is terrible now a days, as most of you know, such that if it takes 6 hrs to drive a leg, it is faster than air travel, and much easier. Seeing the kids was great, & we babysit the grand kids while Jess & Amy travel to Fla for a much needed vacation. They have done wonders taking care of the house & surprised us with a complete makover of the Toy Room with a new pool table that is the colors of the Panthers. We have made arrangements to see many friends;family while here. We just hope that all that we do not get to see understand. Our cat, Mollie, is not doing well, & this week will be a decision for us. She is 18 & very weak. John & Mollie are very close, so he had not slept well, & spends a lot of time with her. Please keep him & Mollie in your prayers.

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