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Rafting with a couple dozen of our best friends

Island with basically only a place to eat. A real cult following.

7/25 Georgian Bay - first leg.

We headed out to the Georgian Bay in good order. With Carol & Ed as guests, they got to experience some really good waters across the eastern part of the bay to "Petang" as the locals call it. We enjoyed the rendivouz all week long learning many things for boating. We met many great folks & our list of friends is rapidly growing. One seminar we went to on the middle rivers of USA made Sue more nervous for when we do them & John got less nervous about them. So, starting out John was more nervous than Sue & now it is reversed - LOL. the area towns, Midland, etc. are nice, but not as picturesque as the ones we have been thru. However, the Georgian Bay is nothing but beauty, which is why we are taking this route. Friends Hank & Cynthia joined us on Saturday & are doing the first part of a 24 boat flotilla, anchoring out & seeing some neat small towns - Parry Sound, Kilbear, where they leave us - sadly, for home. We spent 2 days on the hook on Port Rawson Bay, & just hung out - this was the most relaxing day we've probably have had on the trip. It was neat rafting up 24 large boats (up to 54') along the rocky shores. Got some pics to post later. Swam, putted around on dingy....Ate at Henry's fish camp, but only John thought it was great, but the other 3 did say they liked it. John is the big fish eater in this crowd. Docking 24 boats at once was a site to see at the resturant. The flotilla has been a good way to learn the navigation from experts as it is quite tricky as there are many routes you can take, with many being fairly narrow, & there ain;t nothin' but rocks to hit. Last night we settled in to a movie, "one Eyed Jacks" from the 50's that John wanted to see. The others also beared wtih him on this - Marlon Brando. Here in Parry Sound the local marina has rolled out the red carpet for us, having breakfast for us this morning. Hank set his alarm for 0600 & was promptly told by the captain that if he did that again, he'd be thrown overboard - LOL. We are wearing out our camara & wish we could post more.

7/28 Ga Bay

The flotilla continues to be a blast. We gave out hosts, Bob & Karen, a card last nite at supper & one of the boaters read a great poem he wrote just for the event. Lots of talented people - one guy plays the accordian all the time. We also have a concert pianist, who use to play competively & even almost got beat up by Dick Butkis once. John sports a new haircut given by another boater tonite. He had to drink some to get his courage up. After more beautiful boating today - 55 miles, we are in a small place called Britt which is on our way to an anchor for 2 nites up a river called Bad. Some places here are so remote, that they even have to truck or barge their waste water out, so if you want to take a shower, for example, they ask on the honor system for $2. Guests Hank & Cynthia left today, & it was sad, because they are the best of guests anyone could ask for. They have boated with us several times now, so things are almost automatic when they visit. We learn new things everyday, such as houses do not need foundations here due to the rocks. Houses are just built right on top of the rocks. Also, it is interesting to find out many famous explorers came this way, such as Champlain. They just kept on searching for the northwest passage to India until they either died or gave up. It's probably best to look at some pics we have posted to get more of what we are doing & experiencing. One more note, we are now on the longest stretch away from home, & we are missing all you all. Can't wait to see you. N45.46.06, W80.35.17

7/29-8/1 Flotilla Continues

We anchored 2 more nites in Port Rawson Bay (see many more pics posted) & dingied, swam, etc for 2 days. The gals got crazy here as Sue made her famous drink for them all. Lots of blueberries here, water clear to 10'. Then off to Killarny, which is hardly a town, but really neat. We are so far north, their tourist season is only about 8 weeks we are told. We parted with our loopers here by having a small celebration at breakfast since we were so late getting in due to terrible weather yesterday. This ends the South Channel & all its beauty. The entrance to Killarney is via the famed Collins inlet, which runs past high cliffs for about 10 miles. We have learned a new game played with Dominos which is pretty neat. Also, John is now only 1 game behind Sue on Suduko with only 3 to go.

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