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RV race thru lock in St. Jean

Only room for Miss L in the lock

Scenery along the way

We can not believe it, but here we are. After leaving Burlington, we headed straight for Canada customs, which has a wharf just across the border. They were very helpful in processing us, asking the pertinent questions. They were fine with "ships stores" for our booze. Back on the water within 15 minutes, we got to St. Jean which is just at the first lock up to take us to the St. Lawrence Waterway. The town was having a festival with model remote control boats going thru the lock. They charged scale rates for them, so a skiff of 5' in length cost $2,000 to go thru the lock. Also, they had the rubber ducky race with thousands of rubber ducks traversing down the river. You picked a duck number (after buying a raffle ticket). Bands played, etc. Poor Sue, she had to do wash while John played. Winds are still kicking us in the rear, but at least we have warm weather & some sun. N45.18.08, W73.14.95

This is our furthest north & east of the entire trip. Thus, we have to only get to the western & southern points. We traversed 10 locks, bringing total to date of 23 locks. The Canadian locks are very small so far, with 9 of the 10 today only large enough to hold one Miss L. One set of locks were 3 in a row, & we got amazing picture of it (to be posted later when we can load pictures). Today we are using the internet on a PC in a Government office, courtesy of someone we met, but we are not allowed to use our disks with pictures on them here. Traversing the waters to Sorel was easy & very strong currents in our favor helped. HOWEVER, the Canadian boaters were out in full force for their first real nice day, so it was worse than Lake Norman on a July 4th weekend, traffic-wise. Sue was nervous with the traffic & asked John to do most of the driving. We had trouble getting onto marina on the waterway, but made it finally around 4:30. Today (6/19) we are touring the town & taking it easy. Sue bought a French/English dictionary, so she does not accidently ask a young man to go home with her. Tomorrow, we head to Montreal for maybe 3 days. The winds are still kicking & the waterway has a pretty large current against us, so we are glad that it is only about 40 miles to get there. Suduko update: Sue finally caught up with John & is ahead 22-20. N46.03.03, W73.05.48. Cell service is very poor for us, so if you got to get in touch with us, leave a message on John's cell phone, or email.

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