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"SPEED" the springer spaniel @ Campbellii

Typical scenery along Canal Lateral

Typical house boat on the canal

Great Mosaic at Marmande

Nice Rue in Marmande

After leaving the beautiful Campellii this morning headed out of Langon, got stopped by Police, riding up a lane the wrong way, (he must have been the only person up at that time) very helpful as soon as Lisle opened his mouth and knew we were lost.

Langon interestingly has part of the AirBus assembly plant in France where one part of this European jet is manufactured, this was one of the landmarks to pass to get out of Langon. After 12 km of rolling hills we found the Canal Lateral cycle path - which runs in parallel to the Garonne, built back 1800s to improve transport along the river. This canal system runs all the way to Toulouse, and we are hoping the cycle path does too!

Last three years the cycle path has been upgraded, it is really good fantastic scenery with the plain tress covering over the canal. We stumbled onto an American musical festival just setting up in a park, at a small port in the canal at Fontet. Actually we were busting, for a WC, again, the French are not big on public toilets out in the country towns. Had another WC experience with totally black out while in the closet, auto lights turnoff after 30 seconds or less.

Got to Marmande about 1 pm, easier day did about 50km, although the hills were telling with a load on, amazing how those extra kilos count and make your legs know it. We are on the 2 nd floor of a Hotel tonight, and boy do we struggle up those stairs. Had the mandatory walk around the town, nice very similar to Langon, but much bigger, great Mosaic on a wall depicting the siege by Henry the fourth (refer to photos).

We shouted ourselves our 1st restaurant meal tonight, carb & protein fix for tomorrows big day 70+ km ride to Agen.

Got some good movie on the Gopro which is possibly too big to post.

Love getting your messages / emails so keep them coming!!

Luv to you all

The Buts

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