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Woke to clouds and a cool wind - what a surprise. We went down to the water - the tide was in but it was 'choppy' (relative to the dead calm usually). We could not hire a kayak for the boys as they were not hiring any this morning because of the weather. The boys went for a swim and built an enormous sand castle and moat/bridge etc. We walked down to the bakery for some treats and then back for lunch. The children from behind us came over to play. That afternoon we went down to the beach early but the kayak place had closed for the day - boys were disappointed for a little while until the fish feeding. The tide was out so we walked out to the edge of the drop off to the reef along with a hundred other people. This was terrific - the boys fed the fish as they swam through their legs. All different shapes/sizes/colours of fish. They thought it was terrific. Even when you walk along the edge of the water normally the fish are everywhere. Brenton floated out to look at the coral - lovely place for children to swim and play. The boys met some kids that they had been playing with at different caravan parks over the last month - they just arrived. We came back in the late afternoon to relax and pack for an early start tomorrow. Coral Bay is a magnificent spot to visit (except during school holiday time I suspect!). We met a couple at the fish feeding, the husband served in Vietnam with John Smith, electrician from Ayr. It is a small world.

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