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Today's Route

2013 Jaguar F-Type - The actual car was disguised as it hasn't...


I70 heading west from Moab area

Winnie at the entrance to Goblin Valley State Park

Butte dominating the park entrance

Some isolated goblins

Valley of the Goblins

Closer look at the goblins

Goblin top that has fallen off and split

Reminded me of a sheep

Climbing out of the Valley of the Goblins.

Goblin Valley wildlife

Winnie parked near the Visitors Center

What's a boat doing in the middle of the desert?

What's this guy doing walking on I70? Tried to search the internet...

Lot's of triple tows on I70. They must be tough to drive.

Ribbon of I70 stretches to the horizon

After what seemed like all day uphill, Winnie finally gets to coast

We got a late start from Moab this morning and since it’s usually a long way between gas stations, we stopped for gas at a shell station just outside of Moab. The station didn’t have the prices posted so that should have been a tip off that it was going to be expensive. Up to today the most we’ve paid for gas was about $3.89. This place was the topper at $4.29. It a good thing I only needed about 25 gal. Once out of Moab, we jumped on I70 with the intention of not stopping until this evening, but I remembered that at the wedding one of Kyle’s friends, Robbie, told me that we had to stop at Goblin Valley State Park to see the “goblins”. It would be a 30 or 35 mile detour into the back country to get there. The park is located in an area where there is nothing else around it for miles. We disconnected the Fit and drove into the park to see the Valley of the Goblins. This area was along the edge of a shallow inland sea between 140 and 170 million years ago and tidal deposits of sand, silt, and clay were left there. The layers hardened and became distinct layers of sandstone, siltstone, and shale. Over the millions of years water and blowing sand caused erosion of the hard sandstone and soft siltstone at different rates to create the goblins in the valley. The goblins continue to erode and new ones will form.

The movie, Galaxy Quest, was filmed in the valley. I had never heard of it so I had to look it up to find out what it was about. According to Wikipedia, it was a 1999 science-fiction comedy about a group of human actors who defend some aliens against an alien warlord. It was a parody of Star Trek. Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver were the leads. Apparently it was pretty successful in that it won several science-fiction movie awards and was on Reader’s Digest Top 100 Funniest Movies of All Time. Who knew unless you are a Trekkie? The Valley of the Goblins was also the background for a music video “Mortal Longing” by Sleepthief. Never heard of it either, but you can see the goblins and listen to the song on YouTube.

I’m not sure when this will get posted since there is no wireless at our campsite and it’s too dark to walk to the laundry room where I can get the wireless signal.

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