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Bordeaux Trams

Garrone River bridge -Bordeaux


Heavy fog next to river

Here it is like this

Campbelli B&B -Langon

Courtyard Campbelli B&B

What a find!!

We left early, thankfully got thru Bordeaux & across the river (Garonne ) without too much drama in peak hour traffic. Met by a very heay fog next to the river on our way to the Roger Lapebie cycle path, a long steady climb toward Creon. Stopped at a cute bistro at Lignan, had very funny WC signs particularly directed to males in the unisex toilets. Temp along this early section was about 11C but warmed up after Creon, got to about 25C rest of the day brilliantly clear blue sky.

Had a wobbly attack at Creon now realize French breakfast's at B&B 's are a lot less, than back home not substantial enough for riding - got lectured by Marg about eating something before running out of batteries.

We had a great 10km down hill run to Langoiran back near the Garonne River, which led to Langon, all up we did 65km today.

The B&B here (Campbelli) is amazing, looks like nothing from the street, but once inside is a huge house on an acre of beautiful gardens, (Secret Garden) with some trees over 250yrs old. Very classy joint, very well apointed. Patrick the owner has some nice toys in the yard - a new Harley Davidson, a new Volvo convertible & a new Lanny (LandRover) -which has an Australian winch!!!!

Marg had no mishaps today, and her elbow wound is healing up, although still sore.

Overall we were blessed with great weather and have scored an amazing place to stay which makes up for the dump at Lacanau (which was a rip off for the $).

As I am writing this Marg is fast a sleep, shut eye every night now by about 9pm



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