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This morning we went down to the beach - it was high tide (which is only about 1 m more than low tide! People were snorkeling/fishing/paddling. We arrived at the coral viewing trip in a boat that allows you to sit below the water level and look out. The tour lasted 1 hour and was beautiful -looking at all the hard coral formations and fish everywhere. There was a 1000 year old brain coral about 4m in diameter(huge) and plenty of other weird and wonderful shapes and textures. The tour finished with a fish feeding which the boys really enjoyed. To think that it was all about 50m off the beach. We came back to the beach and the boys had a swim and built sand castles. Lunch beckoned and the boys played with the children behind us. We were going to watch the fish feeding but the couple from behind us came over for a chat and it was too late. We did go down to the beach and the tide was out. The boys were able to walk over to the reef's edge and look at the fish and coral. They played and swam for an hour or so before we came back.

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