Bob & Bill's 2012 Camping Trip travel blog

378; taking the subway

379; taking the Bart train

380; alongside the Bart line

381; Oakland Alamada County Stadium

382; We Did NOT buy this t-shirt!

383; crossing the bridge from station to stadium

384; looking back towards the train

385; outside the stadium

386; tail gate setup

387; Raiders Fans

388; Now, THIS is Tailgating!

389; inside the stadium

390; Bill in the stadium

391; view from our box

392; our "Luxury" Box

393; Amtrack Station, outside of the stadium

394; Normal for Bob, but mistaken for Raiders Fan

395; Bob and Bill in Box

396; Bill and new friend, Patrick

397; Raiders warm up

398; The sun sets on the box seats

399; main grandstand stood up all game long!

400; Gene Simmons, from Kiss, sang the National Anthem

401; Monday night football kickoff

402; panorama

No journal entry yet, from the guys... They are very tired, but having lots of fun!

The guy's entry:

Day 24. Monday 9/10. We get up around 8:30. We are on a gravel lot separated by white lines from other spaces. (Image #377A) But it was quiet and safe! We talk to the camp host and find out we have to move by noon to the site next to us because the one we were on was reserved for the 10th. We do minimal tear down-just enough to hook up and move. We are slow to pack up and leave about 1PM for the 7:15PM Monday Night football game. We have been advised by locals not to drive to the game but rather take an elevated subway known as BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). We drive to the Pleasanton BART station, and although there are many lots and a big parking garage, there are absolutely no open spaces. And don't worry- the city of Pleasanton has "no parking" signs along every surface street for miles! So we find a Walmart about a mile away and that is where we park. We walk to the station and catch the next train (images #378 thru #380). We get off at the Alameda County Stadium and follow the masses to the ballpark (images #381 thru #385). The contrast between this 1960s vintage stadium and the new Giants park from yesterday is amazing. This is a real beer crowd as compared to the wine and cheese crowd from San Francisco. We pass the tailgating setups (images #386 thru #388). We then enter the stadium. We are 3 hours early because we want to enjoy the buffet spread included with our "Luxury Box" seats. We get inside and find our box (after some confusion waiting for a locked door to be opened). Images #392 and #398 are the best shots of our open air box. We have hot dogs, chicken fingers, chopped pork and items purported to be hamburgers as the main course on the spread. We get to watch warm ups (#397) and we talk with Patrick (#396) and his fiance Yvonne who are sitting next to us. Patrick is non-stop energy and sarcasm. The anthem is sung by Gene Simmons from KISS. We have now figured out that you can not hear the stadium's (slightly better than public address system) loud speaker in our box. But we can hear all the noise that the boisterous Raider fans are making. We get a very cool flyover of two fighter jets and then the game begins. This is the opening night of NFL Monday night football and the game is televised. Too bad for the home team that the Raiders botch THREE punts (one blocked and two bad snaps that can not be handled by the punter) and proceed to lose to the San Diego Chargers 22 to 14. Raiders scored a touchdown with under a minute to go but could not recover the onsides kick. We definitely enjoyed this "cultural experience". We have to wait around for the crowds headed in-mass to the train station to recede. We wind up talking to a security guy who was the brother-in-law for recently deceased Jack Tatum, a former Raider great. We finally get on the train and head for home. We talk to a guy on the train with a white NFL shirt who did not look like a Raider fan. Turns out he was the scoreboard clock operator for the game. We get to the RV Park around 1:30AM. We realize that we are now both really tired from this crazy trip and then we pass out.

Heading to Vegas next, and finally staying in a Hotel :) Ahhh, a REAL bed, and a hot shower!

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