Buts Mer de Mer 2012 travel blog

Km after Km of straight line riding - mentally tough

Reached the Atlantic - Lacanau Ocean

Wet my toes in the Atlantic

Ouch !! - Marg had a spill crossing main road - lucky...

Welcome to "Faulty Towers"

Photo does not do these dodgy stairs justice

Great cycle path - set up when approaching road crossings

Well we made it there & back, Lisle dipped his toes in the Atlantic surf was better than expected although all straight handlers some 6ft sets / all close outs (Mark T would have been right at home) like Wamberal on nasty day. Apparently they have artificial reefs along this section for board riders.

The bike track was really good 70km od tar smooth dedicated bike path, although hard slog with very long straights thru the pine tree forests, luckily head wind not too strong, harder going near the coast.

Made to the accommodation after a few wrong turns (lisle's fault) Marg got navigator of the day award. Marg was busting and was looking forward to a hot shower, but got neither - no one was home - front door open! Place looked very dodgy and it was. We decided to go out to the beach and come back later. After 75km we found a public toilet much to Marg' relief, very interesting for Lisle, who went into the Unisex loo straight after Marg, not realizing it sprays the whole "bloody" toilet, floor included clean, after each ablut,,,,got an unexpected foot wash ...traps for new players

Back to Chambre de Cote Phenix AKA Faulty Towers - after nice 2 hrs at the beach plus coffee & chips, we finally roused our host - he & the dog we think were sleeping that afternoon (no apologies ).

Check the wooden stairs to the verandah - absolute death trap for anyone over 70kg. Our external door would not shut or lock, spiders in the WC, & to top it off Luke warm shower. However breakfast was It's saving grace.

We will get onto Trip Advisor for this one and provide review feedback - Basically "Liar Liar " !!!

Had a quicker ride back to Bordeaux, left early as it looked like it might rain. Spent the afternoon "flaner-ing" (a beautiful french word meaning meandering / browsing around the shops) in the CBD .

Lisle we discovered did another of his classic slip ups - he brought the wrong camera battery charger - so we went searching in town for another one. ( this is the reason some photos appear fish eyed) have been reliant on the GoPro camera.

Can't believe it we found a battery shop with a generic charger !!!!! And thanks to Pear's (Pearl) French we managed to communicate what we needed. So hopefully tomorrow there will be better photos.

So after 160 or so km we are feeling a tad weary but pleased with ourselves and still friends - no divorce papers filed yet.

Au revoir tout le monde

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