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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sorry, no pictures today. It's the 11th anniversary of the devastation that happened on 9/11. We had our own catastrophe today, but nothing like what happened 11 years ago. Read on...Today was a travel day and we only had to drive 100+ miles. We started today's journey at 9:02 under overcast skies and gray clouds. It had rained during the night. We experienced light sprinkles to light rain during our drive. Traffic was super-light. Scenery was again breath-taking, seeing rock outcroppings/mountains all around, wildflowers of yellow, livestock (cattle, horses, mules, sheep, goats) grazing, crops (cylindrical and rectangular hay bales dotting the landscape), and creeks/rivers running next to the road with rapids and whitewater. We passed through several small towns in our travels-Teasdale, Bicknell (clean, nice), Lyman (established 1895), Loa (where we stopped to buy groceries and saw a police car with a dummy!), Burrville, Koosharem, Greenwich, Circleville, Kingston, and Panguitch (founded 1864) before we arrived at Hatch at 1:40 (Mountain Ridge RV Park). We saw a number of license plates today from Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Florida, Minnesota, Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Massachusetts. Bodies of water we saw were Fremont River, Fish Lake, Otter Creek Reservoir, Otter Creek, Piute Reservoir, Sevier River (twice), and Panguitch Lake. Counties we drove through were Piute, Sevier, and Garfield. Sites we passed were Fish Lake National Forest, Delano Peak (elevation 12,173), Mt. Dutton (elevation 11,640), Kingston Canyon, Blue Ribbon Fishery, and Birch Creek National Forest. We missed our turn in Panguitch (didn't know we had to turn). When we realized it, we pulled to the shoulder of the road to consult the atlas, got stuck in the mud, Chuck removed our Jeep, but the motor home was still stuck, locals pulled it from the mud with a heavy-duty pickup truck, we were led to a turnaround, reattached the Jeep, lost over an hour of time, then the alternator light was on with a beeping (very intermittant). Our lives are always an adventure! The locals couldn't have been nicer. We heard that an incident happened 5 years ago where a man missed that same turn, and wasn't found till the following day. His leg was so badly frostbitten that it had to be amputated.

A saying is appropriate: I'd rather have a life full of 'oh wells' than a life full of 'what ifs'.

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