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pic from the Volcano, Donkey Trail and Big ole Boat

the donkey trail quantlet i had to very wearily trek thru

I'm number One! I'm number one. I'm a Dumbarse! :-)

Another sunny Day in Santorini. I rise from the bed around 8am. Supposedly around 920am there is a meeting about the Tour I want to take. It takes 3hours and it consist of a boat ride to the Inactive volcano and Hot Springs for 15euros. That works for me. Well, I eat breakfast which features  3 pieces of toast. One slabbed with a strawberry mixture, one butter and the last a knockoff of Nutella. Wash it down with some instant coffee. Tried for another cup, however I dumped a truckload in one and tried to make two. Didn't work. It was just two floating messes. Guh! Oh well, I gotta return my ATV, mail my Bro's Birthday postcard and get a 12 pack of beer. Yeah, no 12 packs nor 6packs. Only 2 packs and I'm only kidding. It's about 845am and I'm off. Not much time, but I should be back in time for the meeting. Jumped on the ATV and started to search. Ended up in Fira and found a bookstore that sold stamps. Went back, dropped off the ATV and asked where can I mail a postcard. He turned around and there is Mr Postman himself. That works! I walk about and it's about 920am. Perfect timing. I'm waiting, no meeting. Wait some more. No meeting. I ask, where's this meeting? Oh, just ask Ben. So, that's a meeting. Uh okay. Well, its 10am and I won't make the 11am which is the one I wanted. I'll have to do the 2pm. I gather my stuff and head back to Fira by foot. A good 20min walk. Figured I'd visit the town, grab some grub and then head to the tour. This is what I do. Fira is similar to Oia, just smaller. They have the Donkey Trail and Cable Car to the bottom where the port is located. You pick up the boats from here. I make my way to the Donkey Trail after eating a  kick-arse Obelix Gyro. 5euros to ride the Donkey, 4 for the Cable Car and 0 to walk down the Donkey Trail. Well, I'm walking the Donkey. There are donkeys all down this trail. I had to make way thru the maze of Donkeys. I was super petrified that I was going to get kick right in the face or in a kidney. Luckily, these were nice donkeys and I came out unscathed. They are located towards the top and bottom of the trail, naturally. In the middle, you just dodge the donkey and it's Jockey(person) and the POO. It wasn't pretty. The trail zigs and zags all the way down to the harbor. No idea how long, but it took me about 25mins. Very steep grade and slippery. Finally made it and now it's the waiting game. Boat leaves at 2pm and back at 5pm. Well, we leave around 225pm aboard a semi-constructed Pirate boat. First stop, The volcano. The view of Fira is cool from rue boat. You get a great view of the Cliffs, Cable car and Donkey Trail. Once at the volcano, i Hop out and I go! If I recall correctly, the volcano has had 5 eruptions in the past. So, huge craters abound. I bolt pass everyone so I can get some good pics without people blobbing all in them. It works. I see all 5 spots and a trip where the Greece flag is planted! Awesome. After an hour, it's to the so-called Hot Springs. After getting changed, it's Jumping off the Deck time! The water is around 55degrees and the springs should be around 80. That shall feel good. After a good 40 yard swim with the current and crashing waves, I'm there. Its a small lil cove your in. Yeah, not hot. Not my kind of hot. Guess its hotter in August. Oh, did see a chicken!! Had to do a double-take. Yep, a Bock-Bock Chicken right there along the shore. Now, swim back to the boat Against the current. Glad I can swim! They told people, if you think you can make it, you want. Stay on the boat because we will probably not be able to save you. Perhaps the other swimmers will help. Wow and what a good laugh. Back on the boat and back to the harbor. Now, ride a donkey, cable car or walk up. I chose to walk. Better picture-taking opportunities and playing Dodge The Donkey is fun. I'm start trekking. This time, way more people riding the Donk-Donks. And, by this time too, a lot more POO! Hey, when I experience a culture, I deep-dive. I did get smacked and butted and rammed a few times. All good time was had. Glad I did it. It's about 6pm and time to head back. Rest abit, pack Mr Potluck and do some planning! I get back and see I have a new Bunkmate. It's Corey, the Aussie from Athens! Good chap I say. We decided to grab some quick dinner just up the road. We just had came from Mikonos, aka Party Central. Said he needed to detox from the past 4 Days of Boozing. Yeah, reason why I didn't go there. 

Dinner was good. Had a greek salad and fried tomato balls which were super Tasty. Headed back to the hostel, checked out and Ben had booked me a taxi for the early morning time. Supposedly 15euros to go 4.9miles. Yeah, they got you here! What can you do? I'm not walking at 3am to get there by 6am. I pack my bags as much as I can, post a day report and researched some Budapest. And it's 3am and I haven't booked nothing yet. Websites keep crashing, wifi keeps interrupting and I'm going in and out of consciousness. Yep, not going to sleep till I book my flight to Hungary. Finally, 345am and it's done. Wasn't cheap, but I got a direct flight out of Istanbul. Oh, around 4am, I cat fight broke out just outside my door. As in, Girl Girl, not kitty kitty. A chick in my room wanted to check it out. She was hammered and her friend was there too. I said, don't open that door and put my foot to block. Her friend agreed with me! She cussed me out I guess in French or where she was from. I Didnt care what she thought. I didn't want to have to save her arse or have that fight move into our room. There were other people out there to handle this Cat-Fight. They went to bed and I went to pack. I'll lay down for 45mins just to rest. Taxi pickup at 5am.

Leaving Greece and it was Great. 

Till I chat 45mins later, tomorrow is here upon me



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