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One of the gates into Angkor

Caught in action

Hey, who's Nigel kissing?

entrance way at the Bayon

hiding from the rain

Notice the many towers at the Bayon


We picked up a 3 day pass for the temples in and around Angkor Wat and started with a quick visit to Angkor Thom, an ancient city surrounded by stone walls and a moat. Inside its walls are The Bayon, The Baphoun, the Terrace of the Elephants, and Terrace of the Leper King (just to name a few monuments).

The Bayon is pretty neat. From far away, it doesn't look like much, but as you get closer, you can make out the stone faces on the towers looking back at you. It consists of three levels but he third level is the best. It is reached via extremely steep and narrow steps. You almost have to climb up facing sideways. On this level, you get a great view of all the stone faces that were staring at you. As you walk around this level, you can't help but feel like someone's watching you. At every turn there are faces looking at you.

The Terrace of the Elephants and the Terrace of the Leper King all have very intricately carved figures along their bases. The 350m long Terrace of the Elephants would have served as a base for the king's audience hall.

The Baphoun was still undergoing restoration efforts.

Just like clockwork, the monsoon hit just as we were walking to Baphoun, which is out in the open. Even with our trusty golf umbrellas, we got wet. We retreated to one of the many roadside stalls for a Coke while we waited out the rain.

We re-surfaced and continued our tour. For sunset, we clambered up the hill to Phnom Bakheng and got some great pics over Tonle Sap Lake and some good ones of the full moon rising.

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