Donal, Becs, Niall and jimmy Cover Central America! 2012 travel blog

Selling shark in Walmart!

Clam and tomato flavoured beer!

Playa Del Carmen is basically a smaller, nicer, cheaper version of Cancun... Not to say Cancun doesn't have it's own bonuses! But anyway it turned out to be very surreal after all the other places we've been with its paved streets, marble everywhere and loads of tourist shops FULL of Tack! We spent the first day and night going for an explore and finding cheap food with the next day spent chilling out on the beach soaking up the rays! 

In some ways it was the same as Cancun as most clubs had a 45-60usd cover charge in return for a free bar, we thought this was a bit in the steep end and decided to save that sort of carry on for the last night in Cancun! Fortunately though we found out a way to get into the blue parrot for 80peso including two free drinks so we went for that as a warm up before Cancun! 

The next morning myself and James got up early to do the cave system in Dos Ohos, the first part of the cave was pretty unimpressive for snorkelling but the second parts stalactites and stalagmites were pretty impressive! The most impressive thing however was the bat cave! To get in we had to scrap thru with about one inch clearance from the cave roof and water weaving out way through stalactites so it wasn't as easy as just diving under and swimming into it on one breath!! When we got in it was pitch black save for our weak enough torches which only illuminated the hundreds of bats for a few milliseconds as they swooped around the cave getting the flies attracted to our lights! 

Our last night in playa del Carmen we cooked up a storm making my cream pasta special and went out for a wander! When we got back our 6 israeli gobshite room mates weren't back yet so we settled in for a nights sleep... I'm told by the rest of them that they got no sleep as the Israelis made as much noise as possible looking through bags/getting sick and checking beds but sure I had a grand sleep! Either way after we checked out we decided to turn all the fans off in the room while the six of them slept in for a bit of revenge! 

Cancun and the last big night of the trip!!!

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