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My favorite ice cream is Blue Bell, which in my opinion is far superior to Blue Bonnet, Publix, or even Breyers or Dairy Queen. Of course reading the carton, it says made in Brenham, TX, which on the map showed to be about 139 miles away. A very small road trip for me and Marianne, of which as usual, I drove, and she rested or read a ghost story or two. Brenham is in the hill country of Texas. Definitely more fun to drive, then the flat roads of Florida. Every where we drove, beautiful blue and many yellow flowers as far as the next hill, and over it too. We found the Mecca of Ice Cream, and parked and decided to go on the tour. Unfortunately no photos were allowed during the tour, but I took some before, and at the soda fountain where we received a free cup of the wonderfully cold and flavorful, sweet, creamy flavor of our choice. No seconds were offered, and yes I did ask ! BTW Blue Bell is the only ice cream served on the International Space Station, and when both Bushes were in the White House, it was delivered to them daily for them and the entire staff and staffers families. During the tour, we were told that they have 40,000 gallons of local milk delivered to them daily, and about 60% to to the manufacture of Vanilla. They only run two shifts, since the entire manufacturing process machinery is stripped and cleaned every day. There are now two plants in operation, with the other one in Alabama. A third one will be on line soon. After we left, I came upon a firehouse and truck museum, but unfortunately it was closed, so I had to be satisfied by taking pictures through the glass doors.

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