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We made 3 side trips today. The first stop was a Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center just outside Ashland, Wisconsin. They had several movies to watch and a display of historical items such as mining iron ore, lumber, indians, wolves, etc. Also, the building was made out of brownstone - a soft rock that used to be mined in the area. They had a nice pet trail in an adjacent farmer's hay field. The dogs really liked it. The Visitor Center gave us a map of all of the cheese locations in Wisconsin. This has to be a one of a kind state map. We'll try to get a picture of it for our journal. The second stop was to get some Wisconsin cheese curds in the very small village of Benoit, WI. It was so small they didn't have a gas station or stop sign. Our last side trip was right of Highway 2 -- the Amnicon Falls State Park located just before Superior, WI. We paid $5.00 to get into the park. The northern part of Wisconsin is known for many waterfalls. This park is famous for its 4 waterfalls that you can swim right in. It was a short walk and the dogs were able to come with us. The falls were created many years ago from the Douglas Fault. This was created when the molten lava (called basalt) was heaved up and is visible today along with a layer of sand stone. We have ended the day at the Northern Lights Casino in Walker, MN. The camping was free and our two $5.00 gambling coupons netted a total of 50 cents. The casino has electric but not water or a dumping station. We were really hoping for water so we could take showers.

Data: 254 miles to Walker, MI Northern Lights Casino

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