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Toy Train Busselton

Busselton Seafront

Busselton Jetty

Gnome detention Centre, note escapees and Asian Dolls

Dog Parking

It’s good evening from me & good evening from him… In a bumper update today we discover none less than 5 yes 5 towns, Busselton, Dardanup, Wellington Mill, Gnomesville and Donnybrook.

It’s not rained in around 24 hours and Carol got the washing done this morning and a picnic lunch was prepared for today we were heading off to have a look around.

But I’m ahead of myself… Yesterday we ventured down to Busselton for a look around, nice neat little place but we negated the option of walking out on the Jetty which is almost 2 km long for a few reasons,

1 We thought the $11 for the ride in the imitation train was a bit rich

2 The weather was to say the least not conducive to a 4km hike.

3 None of us had life jackets in case we were blown into the raging surf.

So I took a few snaps instead.

On the return we stopped at the local cheese factory and what a super selection of cheeses here. We bought some logs that are as the name suggests round sticks that when sliced are designed to fit a Jatz with precision. We will try them out and maybe call in for more supplies enroute to Margaret River

So back to the picnic lunch all packed we headed out looking for Gnomesville and we found the King Tree, a very majestic Jarrah in a section of regrowth Jarrah Forest near Wellington Mill, I gathered a few of the seed pods and will try and grow them when I get home. I’m a bit aghast that there are signs for “dry, split Jarrah Firewood” around with yards piled high…..

After seeking guidance from a local that happened along we found Gnomesville and went to meet the residents. The town is located adjacent to a roundabout and I’d estimate at least 5000 resident Gnomes live here, there is a detention centre for “illegal Gnome entrants” with some attempting to scale the wire. All very amusing, a sea of little red hats in all sizes…. Our travelling companion Gnome Ranger was quite at home among hiss peers…

Then back to Dardanup for the picnic lunch, the sun by this stage was making appearances as long as 10 mins, I parked Gracie in the Doggy Parking Area.

On the road after lunch heading to the Cider Factory at Donnybrook. Well sign posted roads lead to this place but to our horror it’s only open weekends as tourists don’t venture out there weekdays. They missed our custom…

Back into Donnybrook for a quick look around then back to the Van where we were able to put up a table and chairs for afternoon tea.

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