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The weather was fantastic so Jackie and I decided to take the bike out for a ride to Whistler up the Sea to Sky Highway! The views were fabulous and even the road was great lol. Along the way we saw Shannon Falls, so we pulled off and decided to hike up to the falls for the view and some pics.....beautiful! We pulled into the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village where the ski jumping and Biathalons were held and did some poking around. They actually allowed us to shoot an authentic Biathalon 22 caliber rifle at the real targets on the real range. Jackie and I split the shooting as we ran out of Loonies (Canadian dollars). Of course, being the gentleman, I let Jackie go first and what does she do but shack her first 2 targets and this was right after a guy in front of us only hit 1!!!! Well, as it was the rifle was sighted in pretty well and I got the last 3 :) The guy running the place told Jackie that she was such a good shot that she should take up cross country skiing so she could compete!!! After the ride we had some Sangria slushies in the hot tub and ended with a movie...lower 48 tomorrow!!!

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