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We left Osijek very early this morning, driving through the drought stricken Croatian countryside to the town of Vukovar. In august 1991 until November of that year, 2000 citizens defended the town from a siege by 60,000 soldiers.

The town hospital was deliberately bombed so all care was moved to the basement where 450 medical personnel and patients lived a d worked in intolerable conditions. 16 babies were born.

When the town fell, the drunken soldiers took 250 non Serbs to remote location where they were beaten, tortured a d killed, then buried in a mass grave. We visited memorials at both sites, very powerful in their symbolism.

Then on to a winery tour. (Comments?)

We crossed into Serbia and are here in No vi Sad where the whole downtown is bustling with families in cafes, restaurants a d. Nightclubs.

We leave for Belgrade tomorrow.

I have been missing parts of each day for downtime. Dinner tonight was so good and so cheap. We have moved from florinits to kunar to dinar and are getting hopeless at converting:-)

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