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Marilyn & I were up just a bit after 5:00 this morning.

Marilyn had the coffee all ready to go so I switched it on, then opened the door to peek outside.

The eight point buck was walking toward the water we kept out there but I startled him a bit. He walked away but when I spoke softly to him, he stopped and watched as I grabbed the pitcher to get some water for the water pan which was dry.

I filled the pitcher as the deer waited patiently, then poured the water into the pan while he watched me.

As soon as I moved back, the deer walked over to get a drink.

I went to retrieve another pitcher full of water and poured it as soon as the deer moved back a short distance.

I sat on the steps watching the deer as he drank his water and watched me.

When he moved off a bit I joined Marilyn inside to drink our morning coffee.

Once the coffee was finished off we began our final preparations for travel.

Jesse & Ginger came by to exchange “So Long” hugs and to collect the satellite receiver we needed to turn in.

They politely asked “Where is the Remote?”


Marilyn went back inside, climbed over the counter top, retrieved the remote control and climbed back over the counter top to hand the remote to Ginger.

We almost got away with that! LOL

It was 7:15 when we pulled out of the Site which had been home for us since May 27th.

We stopped three times for the “Flagman” at construction sites on Hwy 115 and Hwy 24.

There were a couple of construction areas on I-70 but with a speed limit of 60 mph they didn’t slow us down. I normally drive at 60 mph when towing the RV anyway.

We had a tailwind all the way and averaged an even 13.0 mpg for the trip.

We arrived at the campground a few minutes after 1:00 PM and were set up by 1:30.

Mike & Marian called at 2:00, to let us know where they were and gave us an ETA.

Marilyn & I are excited about seeing these good friends again, so we walked over to the restaurant to grab a late lunch.

The lunch was delicious but made both of us sleepy.

Mike & Marian pulled in beside us around 3:15. We walked next door to say hello and then left them to get set up as the clouds to the west of us darkened and became threatening.

Once our friends were all set up they walked over to visit with us. We sure enjoyed hearing about their trip to Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana. Really interesting! I’ve tried talking them into writing a blog! LOL

While we were visiting a wicked, windy storm passed through, shaking the RV with some mighty gusts of wind.

It only lasted maybe 15 to 20 minutes and then quieted down.

The dark clouds went on their way and the sunshine reappeared.

At 6:00 we all walked together, to the restaurant which is next door to the RV Park.

More visiting, more food, and the company of good friends.

It doesn’t get any better!

Life is Good!

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