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We slept a bit later than usual this morning.

When I opened the door, we saw two deer drinking water and nosing around in the rocks under the branch our bird feeder hung from. They like the seeds which have fallen from the bird feeder.

I asked Marilyn if she would like to go have breakfast in Penrose, thinking that I could fill the truck with diesel while we were there.

It didn’t take long to decide and five minutes later we were on the way.

The scenery along our drive was beautiful and we both will miss the mountains when we leave tomorrow.

After a tasty breakfast at “Michelle’s” in Penrose we drove across the highway to the Shell station. It was practically deserted and we drove right up to the pump.

The current price was $4.159 per gallon. The fuel gauge showed that we had more than ¼ tank of fuel, but less than ½ a tank, so I knew that my credit card limit of $95.00 might be reached.

Sure enough, the pump shut off as it neared the $95 limit.

I inserted the credit card again and started the pump but it shut off after pumping a bit over one gallon.

Basically it took $100 to fill the tank today. Gulp!!

Back at the resort Marilyn took our throw rugs to the laundry room while I made the bed and then worked on outdoor items.

I re-arranged things in the bed of the truck, took the stabilizer tri-pod down and stored it in the truck bed.

It didn’t take too long before I had everything stored except the two lounge chairs we use outdoors.

I walked to the office to say “So Long” to the good friends we have made who work in the office and around the resort.

I stopped to visit with Jesse for a minute as he was setting up a new tri-pod for his DISH antenna.

By the time I finished up the outdoor chores, we had time to relax for a bit before taking the showers and getting ready for a trip to town with our friends, Jesse & Ginger and Ken & Jean.

We all rode with Jesse because he is the only one with a vehicle with enough seating space for six people.

Everyone had a fine time with constant conversation and laughter.

The fun and hilarity continued until after we returned to the resort.

We’ll sure miss all of our good friends after we leave here.

Of course we’ll be seeing more friends each day of travel.

Life is Good!

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