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August 26. Mauron Centennial races

Grammar and I cycled in the morning up a hill to Plumieux and down a very very long hill to Cheze. It was a great day and we didn't even mind that the bike that lives in the crawl space under our rental unit did not change gears at all smoothly.

Plumieux has a very well organized cemetary with interesting graves laid out by family. Graves of unknown people are included with a little note from the Mayor's office asking for information about them. There had been a big wind recently and many flowers were knocked over. I helped Grammar to put them all back.

Cheze is a pretty place that has much more activity in it than the tiny letters on the map suggest. There is a museum of Metier. It focuses on Bretonne crafts, like stone wall building. We will try to go when it is open.

After lunch, Grammar and I went to the Hippodrome in Mauron to watch the horse races. It was the one hundredth anniversary of the races! This was a big event for a small place. There were both flat races and steeplechase races. That was really exciting because we had never seen them before. The beautiful horses ran all over the place: over jumps, up hills, across fields, around sharp corners. The longest race was 4.6 km and all of it was on grass. So were the flat races.

There were swarms of young and old people - even people doing Western line dancing between the races. Everybody except us seemed to betting wildly on the races and a great time was had by all!

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