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The rain on the sunscreen over the windshield make it look like...

Kathy and Dar in their new aprons that match the curtains I...

The finished daybed complete with bolster and 5 pillows.

Cleaned off and labeled shelves. They used to look like it does...

A view down the road in the campground - it is so...

IF you follow that road long enough it ends down on the...

Ticket booth that Ron remodeled and painted.

Our campsite - you can see the oak tree that keeps dropping...

Kay, Blance and Charlie

Wayne, Marlene, Jerry and Ron

The Library - all remodeled and beautiful

Mark and granddaughter having a soccer race

One last picture of the puppies before they go to their new...

SUNDAY: It rained all day today. A soft gentle rain – sometimes harder than others but at no time was it a storm. I went down to the Volunteer Room and cut out 4 aprons and sewed one. I took it down to the kitchen but Dar wasn't there. I left the apron and came home.

Toward evening the sky started to clear out in the west and made a great sunset. The sun shown on the bottom of the rain clouds and it made the light really pretty.

MONDAY: Today we cleaned out two big 4' X 8' shelves. Ron made some additional shelves for small boxes of nails that were on the big shelves. The boys (college age guys that do most of the mowing) took the hardened bags of cement and 5 gallon buckets of driveway sealer that were on the top shelf off. Then I vacuumed and swept the years and years of dust off the shelves.

By afternoon, my legs and back were screaming from going up and down the ladder so I came home for a nap and some Tylenol.

Ron is making great progress on the ticket booth. It is all remodeled and he is giving it a new coat of paint. Today he did the white trim around the roof. Being on the ladder wasn't too good for his back and it got really hot this afternoon so he knocked off early, too.

After dinner, we decided that we had procrastinated long enough and made a trip to the laundry room. Two hours later we had a full basket of clean, folded clothes. Working in the shop is so dirty that we are going thru an outfit each per day. So we had quite a bit of laundry to do.

TUESDAY: We slept in a bit today and woke up when Gust came to work. After our shower and breakfast we went over to the shop and I used some tape to tape off the sections on the big shelves we cleaned off yesterday. Gust wants to have them set up for each building so that when they know that something needs to be fixed, they can move it to the building section and then fix it as soon as they get a chance.

After that I went to the Volunteer Room and got the other 3 aprons made. I took them over to the kitchen and both Dar and Kathy really liked them.

Just as I was finishing the last apron, Sue, the volunteer who is organizing the costumes came to work. So I moved into the castle dining room after lunch and worked on the daybed skirt and bolster. Gust had given me some very wide electrical tape so I used that to tape together the two pieces of foam for the bolster. Then I finally got the skirt of the daybed pinned so that the pleats looked good. By that time it was 3 pm and I had been working since 7:30 and I decided that was enough.

Gust and the guys had moved all the vans and canoes and mowed the storage lot. It sure looked better. I made labels for the big shelves but didn't get them put up. That's a job for another day.

WEDNESDAY: Got up early and got the labels on the shelves. Then I went over and corrected an error on the skirt of the daybed and got it sewn. Then I started on the bolster. I think I told you I had cut a single foam mattress in half lengthways. It made a nice bolster 6 ft long X 18 inches high by 7 inches thick. I was running out of fabric so I had to find some other fabric to use for the back.

While I was doing that, Ron finished painting the ticket booth and wandered around finding little jobs to do. Sweep the grass clippings off the shower room cement, put a screw in the arm of a chair that was loose, put a new hook and eye lock on this door, sweep up this mess, moved these tools to the correct storage place. Just making himself useful here and there. The shop really is getting to look a lot better and they guys seem to be keeping it up.

THURSDAY: I finished the bolster with Ron's help. The material has to be on the foam tight or it looks really bad, but I needed at least 2 extra hands to get it on. Then in the afternoon, I hung the new drapes in GR1 and Gust and Nick came up to move the furniture. I did the hand sewing on the bolster and put it on the bed. Then I started in on the pillows. I will be making 5 but only got one done before it was time to quit. I'll sew the other 4 either Sunday or Monday before we leave next Tuesday.

While I was doing the sewing, Ron was doing more of the this and that stuff at the shop. He had been doing a great job cleaning off the workbenches and putting tools where they go. Most of the stuff on the workbenches is leftovers. You know when they change the spark plugs – they leave the old ones on the bench instead of throwing it away. Or when they cut the end off a board – it stays on the workbench. So that has all been cleaned away and the benches either vacuumed or blown free of dust and sawdust so they look a lot better.

Later in the evening we packed up all the stuff around the trailer – BBQ, chairs etc. and locked them in the bays of the MH. We will be gone two nights and there will be campers in the campground this weekend, so we wanted the place to look neat.

FRIDAY: We got on the road about 10 and headed for our old stomping grounds. Of course, we had to stop at South Moon Barbeque in Hinckley as we drove down the road. Their pulled chicken is even better than their pulled pork.

Charlie had invited old friends over and we got there about one – just as a dear friend, Kay pulled up. We sat and talked for over 3 hours – remembering the times gone past – telling old stories and catching up on what we were all doing now. They haven't left the old town so mostly we were telling our story.

We left there and, at their urging, visited the library in town. I had been on the library board for 13 years and it was my home away from home. Last year Fountaindale Library District sold the Romeoville building to the Lockport Library District. They closed the buildng and remodeled it. And did they ever do a great job. It is beautiful. Bright, airy and uses every tiny bit of space. It was a great feeling to see it so well used and so beautiful.

We then headed to Joliet to visit a friend in the hospital. Bob and Milly had been upset at not being able to see us at Charlie's, so we went to see them. Milly isn't feeling too well but hopes to go home by early next week. It was wonderful to again catch up on what was going on in their lives.

We stopped at Portillios, a local eatery for something after that. They have the most wonderful Italian Beef sandwiches. I had to take a picture and post it on FB just to pull our daughters' chain. The love Portillios and always head there when they get back in the Chicago area.

We finally made it to Mark's house around 8:30 and went to bed in about an hour. We were bushed from the long day. But it was good to be around old friends. OH! We also drove by the old house. They have resided it with tan vinyl siding and re-roofed it in dark brown. The trees (the ones they haven't cut down) have grown big. My big rock with the sedum planted in the holes is still in the front yard. A lot of the houses in our old neighborhood have been remodeled and they don't all look alike anymore.

SATURDAY: We were planning to go to Brookfield Zoo today but it rained the whole day. So we sat around the house – some of the time we watched the Gold Medal Soccer game from the computer and between rain showers Mark and granddaughter practiced out side.

Granddaughter (DGD#6) was interested in my counted cross stitch. She went and got her chair so she could sit close to me and watch me sew. I'm finishing the last part of DGD#5's picture mat and will start DGD#6's soon. I wish I could have started her's while we were here, but it just didn't work out that way. I promised her I would show her on Skype how much I had done each week – so that will make me stick to it this winter.

For dinner we had a wonderful rib dinner where we ate until we almost popped.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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