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Two fathers in Kings Park





Everlastings (I have seeds)

Perth Skyline

Father’s Day, sons called at 0530 though I was asleep and missed calls until 0715, they had forgotten that the west is behind the eastern states by 2 hours…..

Washed the sheets and did some shopping had luncheon and drove into Kings Park to see the wildflowers. Brandon was our guide and he found a most interesting route….. Oh Giles and I have come to blows (he couldn’t find the Midland shops) and Karen (the Aussie chick) has returned as our navigator…

Its spectacular to see massed plantings of them as well as all the endangered species gathered in one place so we can steal seed pods to grow at home ( hopefully in pots full of acid sandy soil).

All the sniffing buggered Gracie and she met an American Staffie and engaged in a game of lead tangling.

The vistas over Perth are quite entrancing from the lookouts in Kings Park.

Back to the Van Park where we only have to endure one more night (tonight), let’s hope we can get thru it without a domestic in the park.

Tomorrow we head for Bunbury.

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