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Friday, August 31

Morning was spent at the Village of Avonlea with girls, which turned out to be the last day the park is open! The 14 y/o winner of the “Queen of the Furrows” competition, (a local contest judged on ploughing ability, a speech and a step-dancing) was there and did some step-dancing for us at the ‘Fishing Shanty’ at 11 AM.

Silver Memories (Stratford, PE) was the next stop, where Chuck dropped off Kristy and Matt to try their hands at creating silver jewelery, and then proceeded with Steve, Becca and Eden to COWS Ice Cream factory for a tour (C-town) followed by ice cream cones. The tour was ‘lame’, in that they watched three or four short videos, as the ice cream had all been made for the year, and the factory was shut down until spring 2013, except for the t-shirt making process. The ice cream was still tasty, though, and Eden was delighted with her chocolate-dipped and sprinkle covered cone.

When they picked up Matt and Kristy, instead of going to Argyle Shores(30 mins back in the west direction), they were told about a local beach with tide pools in the Stratford area called Tea Hill Beach – where they delighted in amazing tide pools, and a beautiful sunset. The tide pools had hundreds of hermit crabs of all sizes, large snails (edible?) and live bar clams (ID’d by the waitress at the seafood restaurant on Sept. 2nd). Matt and Steve caused a few moments of consternation by disappearing around a point in the cliffs shortly as the tide was coming back in, but they soon reappeared carrying a live starfish!

We hustled to get to Red Point Provincial Park (Red Point, PE) before dark (we lost that battle, partly because the GPS can’t be trusted, apparently) and set up on a windy hillside overlooking the water…

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