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Fishing at Gimli

Sailing at Gimli

The Viking at Gimli

Day 3 of driving! Thunder Bay to Gimli, Man. (an hour north of Winnipeg)

We spent a day at Gimli with my friend -- visiting and doing chores like oil changes and seeing the dentist for Katie's filling which fell out again! --- followed by an interesting dinner -- think Cuba meets Italy in cuisine.

This is the mosquito and bug capital of Canada - we were 'lucky' enough to hit fish fly season as well. (While fish flies are ucky, the deer flies in New Orleans were more irritating)

You'll see Katie and Joan at the Viking - donated by the Govt of Iceland --- Gimli has the largest Icelandic population outside the country.

We enjoyed our stop and visit!

NNĀ© Nancy Nederlof 2005

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