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Alice, Bill and Bill Eating Lunch at the Award Winning Sheffield Pie...

Unusual Rock Formation

View Along the Way to Punakaiki


Kea Getting Ready to Rip the Weatherstripping Off A Car


Today was a long driving day. We crossed the "Southern Alps" of New Zealand over Arthur's Pass. We saw our target bird for the Day, the Kea, near Arthur's Pass. The Kea is New Zealand's Largest parrot. Used to tourists, Keas frequent the parking lots in the area, begging for food. If no one gives them food, they have been known to strip off the rubber from windshield wiper blades.

Since Brent is into eating meat pies, we always eat lunch at a pie shop or pick up lunch on our way out of town at pie shops. Today was special. We ate lunch at the Award Winning, Sheffield Pie Shop. They were really good!

Punakaiki is a small, seaside town. From high on the cliffs over the Tasman Sea (Pacific Ocean) we saw Hector's Dolphins. These are the world's smallest dolphins. They have rounded fins, instead of the pointed ones we are used to seeing. Unfortunately, they were far out at sea and we could barely get glimpses of them.

We looked for Great Spotted Kiwi after dinner. These are really rare and extremely hard to see. When we were driving to the spot, it started to rain. Then, it stopped and we hiked out a little bit. We actually heard a female Great Spotted Kiwi! Then it started to pour. We gave up the search and headed home.

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