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Day Sixty Six – Aug 25 Barney’s River 133k

All we would get of PEI was the half day yesterday and a morning today. We would be off the island today and onto our ninth province. Nova Scotia was coming up.

There were three ferry crossings from Woods Island over to Pictou in Nova Scotia. There was an 11:15am sailing, a 12:30pm sailing and a 2pm crossing sailing. I had to get there about 15 minutes early. I wasn’t going to make the early crossing because I was on the cook crew for breakfast. Even though we were cutting off the food service earlier than normal, we still had to clean up the station and load the truck. I relaxed knowing that a 12:30 crossing was a piece of cake. Ha!

First I had to go back to the bike shop and exchange the jersey I bought. The small size was a nice svelte fit but every time I stretched the belly button became part of the show. The Captain’s Crew and I made it to the bike shop and I got a medium. The Captain bought a jersey and by the time we were out of there it was 9:20. We had sixty k to go to the ferry. There was no time to wait around and/or relax.

Chrisp had been to the shop and left word with one of the techs that he was off to wash his bike and that we were to wait for him. We waited fifteen minutes and then left. Abandoned him to his own wanderings.

There was a semblance of a tail breeze. That didn’t help me keep up with the group. At a road junction I cut them loose and told them not to wait for me. I cycled on my own and pushed myself down the road.

I would meet up with the Captain’s crew at a roadside convenience store. I left before they did and stayed ahead of them all the way to the ferry. I got to the ferry at 12:20. It had been a real push to get there. I didn’t enjoy it. And the ferry left late.

That meant that the ferry didn’t get to Pictou on time. It was off by about 40 minutes. I got Chrisp to stop with me at a Tim Horton’s before we went any further. We had 50k to go to the campground and what tail wind we had before had now became a head wind. We had to push to get to camp by 6pm. Even though supper has not been ready at 6pm for quite some time, there is an aura about making it to camp before that hour. We pushed.

The roads were not that good and we rode on about 10k of highway that is not cyclist friendly. Tar is spread on the existing surface and is then covered with pea gravel. It makes for a rough surface for a cyclist and there are loose stones. We weren’t happy. We did make it to camp at 6pm. Supper was late. I was okay with that. I could shower and set up my tent.

The ride for the day was not enjoyable for me. There was too much push to it. Push to get to the ferry and push to get to the camp. I couldn’t relax. It was too much work and not enough play. I have that stamped on my bicycle headset, so with the head down ride, I saw a lot of that.


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