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Sunrise in Fossacesia as I pack to leave on the train to...

View from my room in Ancona at the Grand Hotel Palace

Another tiny 'solo' room.

A new way to flush the toilet, put out.

My favorite here, the 13 fountains. Over 1000 years old. Think how...

One of the 13 spouters.

Another fountain spouter. This is where ladies washed clothes and got water...

Aother Roman era fountain.

Yea, English speaking friends for the day. Lina and Roxanne. Canadians on...

We all had pedicures today.

I have spent two night in Ancona after taking a 3 hour train ride from Fossacesia. This is a major seaport for fishing, cruise ships, and ferries to Croatia and some of the Adriatic Islands. I take a fast ferry (so hoping this isn't run like the one in St. Croix!) to Split, Croatian tomorrow.

Ancona has some historic things to see, and of course the typical Italian plazas, cobble stone streets and nice shopping.

The best thing was meeting Canadians, Lena and Roxanne at the hotel at breakfast. We spent the day together and was really nice to have some company. They had found out about a place to get pedicures and made appointments. I followed along and was able to get one too. It isn't easy to do this unless you know where to go. This place was through big wooden double doors under scaffolding on the second floor in a partial apartment building. No advertising signs or windows. So you wouldn't know it was there. Not a hair salon but just for pedicures and manicures. Was a special unexpected treat for me.

These two ladies, besides being all over Italy, have also visited Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, and now Croatia. Then they return to Germany, were Roxanne's husband is an engineer. They left tonight on an overnight sleeper ferry to Zadar,Croatia and will be there the same days I will be in Split, Croatia. To bad we have booked different cities.

I just had my last glass of Italian vino. Unfortunately it is pouring down rain for my last night in Italy, so no last minute sightseeing. I have been in Italy for two and a half months. It has been an great adventure and an education, but I'm excited to be moving on.

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