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August 28

Grammar got a marriage proposal today!

We all left early to travel north-west to the Pink Granite Coast where there are wonderful, sensuous, pink rocks. As we approached Trebeurden, we passed an elderly man, wearing a Breton cap, who was hitchhiking. We did not stop immediately but Grammar said " why don't we pick him up?". So we turned around and picked him up. He was just going to the market in town . He is 84 years old and used to be a gendarme. On the way into town, he asked:

" Where are you from?" (to Pierre)

" Are you married? (to Grammar)

" Doesn't anyone in Quebec want to marry you?" (to Grammar)

" Does she have good legs?" (to Pierre)

On looking into the front: "Oh, I can see she has good legs"

" Do you want to marry me?"(to Grammar)

As we dropped him off, Grammar said she was "desolee" but she could not marry him.

There was a nice market in the town and Grammar bought me a cheese crepe because I was feeling rumbly in my tumbly. Then we went down to the water and explored the beeeutiful rocks and wide sandy beach. We had our lunch way up on top of a heap of artistic rocks.

We explored the beaches, small towns, rocky promontories, coffee shops and creperies for the rest of the day. With the assistance of a very detailed Bretonne map and Danny, our sometimes reliable GPS, we managed to find a superb megalithic site: the Barnenez Cairn. It is enormous - far more impressive than we expected.

The day ended with our usual dash homeward after dark. This was greatly facilitated by our headlights, the siting of which we have now mastered.

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