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Lancelin Jetty

Lancelin Beach looking south

Here we are in Perth sort of, we are 18km from the city centre in the Swan Valley 2 km from the chocolate factory next to the wildlife park.

Unfortunately this caravan park is one reason to make even the most relaxed Grey Nomad decide to free camp. We received a 16% discount due to our Acclaim Card but full fare is $40 a night. It’s one of those places with a flash façade and not much else (except its location) to recommend it. It’s tired, neglected and generally rundown. The amenities are old but clean but the rest of the place needs to be tidied. We had trouble getting set up because of the heights of the road and site requiring much tooing and froing to unhitch. Even the name is a joke, Swan Valley Tourist Park. It’s full of permanents none of whom seem in the least interested in keeping their sites clean. Shame really this place could be very smart but at the price it’s by far the worst value for money park I have ever been in. Temple Bar looks positively 10 stars by comparison. One other minor omission from their Google blurb is that it’s also conveniently located under the Perth International Air Port flight path.

Apart from that everything is positively spiffing. The Femmes are in a state of ecstasy as there are “lots of shops” near here. There is a big Bunning’s and Rays Outdoors for the males and the chap at A1 Caravans sold me a new part for my awing and tightened the tow ball nut up, I think it may have wiggled loose during the “manoeuvres” getting unhitched.

On the way down here from Cervantes we stopped at Lancelin and Nilgen Lookout (I think) to have a look around. The wild flowers are starting to become spectacular the ones at the lookout were stunning. Kangaroo Paws and Grass trees dominated the scene.

Next step is to organise afternoon tea at the Chocolate factory to help with the malaise caused due to the ambience in the Van Park.

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