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A stromatelite named Stan

The Stromatelite's home

Native Wisteria ( Hardenbergia sp.)

it looks like wattle but it's not

Observers at the observation post

Hansen Bay from the lookout

Cervantes from the lookout

Morning with the stromatelites was pleasant enough. I do feel a bit distressed about being told the ones we saw in Shark Bay were the only ones to see. WA has lots of them and fossilised remains all over the state. The ones here look more like large animal “droppings” in the shallows…

Wildflowers are nice though and it was a pleasant walk around the lake where they live, not that they are going anywhere in a hurry…

Gracie had a good run on the beach and is now recovering from her exertions and I met a chap fishing who lived in the same street 2 doors away from my Grandmother at Coogee (NSW).

Looking forward to dinner tonight at the “Country Club” then in the morning heading off to Perth though we will be 18Km out of Perth in the Swan Valley for a week. We will be adjacent to the Swan Valley Chocolate factory and I’m hitting the peppermint creams though I suspect the choccies will be far more pretentious that that…

Diesel here is exactly $1.67 litre, interesting as its $1.51 at Geraldton further north.

Not much happens here, the Cervantes Doctor is moderating the temperature otherwise it would be quite hot.

Ok better get ready for afternoon tea, fold up the awing, pack up the chairs & table and shower so that I don’t go to dinner smelling like I’m at the beach and enjoying myself, that would never do!

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