Donal, Becs, Niall and jimmy Cover Central America! 2012 travel blog

Granada mercado

After just scraping our way onto the first chicken bus it was time to try find our connection in Rivas to Granada... Sounds easy enough, wasn't! 

We were dropped off in the middle of a sprawling market with street sellers trying to flog absolutely everything and anything but not hassling people which was nice though! Our mission was to make our way through the place and pick one of the many chicken buses dotted around the place and hope for the best! In the meantime I was dying for the jacks so I popped into the first "restaurant" (cinder blocks layed out in a square!) and was pointed to a wall in the corner with a drain... So fair enough when in Rome and all! After Becs enquired whether it was clean or not I said we'd find her another one! 

We found our bus and waved goodbye to our bags as they were thrown onto the roof and found ourselves a seat... After that when the bus was full the street sellers descended with bags of chicken, tortilla wraps and all sorts of coconut based sweets! The best part was that everything only cost a couple of cordobas each so of course myself and Niall went to town spending all the change that was weighing us down! 

In Granada we were dropped in the ropiest looking courtyard so far for a bus station with some pretty weird and nasty smells coming from the local market so we weren't all too impressed! But once again the backpackers guide came to the rescue and we were on the mainstreet in no time which actually turned out to be really nice! 

This is where myself and James parted ways with Niall and Becs as they were staying a night in granada and then going on to Managua to finally pick up Niall's bag and we were going on to Leon to do volcano boarding with Bigfoot hostel! We said our goodbyes, arranged to meet up in two days time on the Tica bus to Tegucigalpa in Honduras and off we went!

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